6 assistant professor positions (career track) computer science, bioinformatics and AI

Vrij Universiteit Amsterdam
Computer Science
Netherlands Amsterdam


Computer Science plays vital roles in all aspects of our lives, presenting more diverse research challenges than ever. An increasing demand for well-educated university graduates similarly drives a growing need for faculty in these disciplines. To address these needs, the Computer Science Department of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam will open up 6 new Assistant Professor positions. Are you a talented computer scientist with a proven background in any area of Computer Science, Bioinformatics or AI? Then this may be an interesting offer for you.

As one of our new Assistant Professors, you will join a department conducting cutting-edge research on key topics within a coherent program. We combine fundamental, strategic, and application-oriented research to ensure that our work is highly relevant to both the scientific and societal spheres. This results in high-impact publications and research software. We prioritize scientific rigor and strive to be leaders in a global, competitive landscape. Our inter- and multidisciplinary research contributes to various societal domains, including humanities, social sciences, and health.

As a result of growing student populations in our undergraduate and graduate programmes,(vu.nl/en/about-vu/more-about/education-programmes-computer-science) particularly in the BSc/MSc Computer Science, MSc Bioinformatics and BSc/MSc AI programmes, you provide additional teaching capacity in these programmes. We are looking for candidates who have affinity with teaching in these areas. Concerning research, we do not limit our search to specific research areas, but we would like you to complement the expertise already present in the department’s research domains.

Your duties

you pursue an active research program
you teach introductory and advanced classes at bachelor and master level
you supervise undergraduate and graduate students
you perform management tasks within the department


you have a PhD in a computer science, AI or Bioinformatics related area
you have postdoctoral experience in the corresponding field of research
you have a strong international research profile
you have a track record in teaching at university level

We are encouraging female researchers with a strong track record in priority areas within the Faculty of Science and the Department of Computer Science to apply. In addition, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has established the Lovelace Fellowship Programme, specifically for the Computer Science department, to promote gender diversity and make a gender-balanced contribution to society in its own academic field. Two of the six positions will be Ada Lovelace fellowship appointees.

The Lovelace Fellowship Programme
The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has initiated the Lovelace Fellowship programme specifically for Computer Science to promote gender diversity and bring a gender-balanced contribution to society in their own academic field. It aims to attract outstanding female talents with leadership potential and offers a career-track appointment in combination with a starter package financed via starters grant. This programme is intended for ambitious women in academia, research institutes or industry who have a PhD and aspire to become Assistant- or Associate Professor and potentially grow towards a full professorship. The fellowship is named after Ada Lovelace, known as “the first computer programmer”.
Applicants must be outstanding researchers in priority areas within the Faculty of Science and the Department of Computer Science. The applicants have the ambition to develop a research track and research group. Educational experience and affinity for teaching are also given high priority. The Lovelace Fellows are expected to participate in and contribute to the development of the department’s teaching programme, so a broad scientific vision on research and education and organisational involvement including managerial tasks are expected.

Start date

To be determined

How to Apply

Online via the vacancy page at werkenbij.vu.nl/ad/6-assistant-professor-positions/69grev


Helen Drooger