Senior Biomedical Data Scientist (academic position with tenure-track option)

Medical University of Vienna
Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Center for Medical Data Science
Austria Vienna


We are recruiting a Senior Biomedical Data Scientist to join the research group led by Christoph Bock at the CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and at the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of the Medical University of Vienna. The successful candidate will broadly contribute to the group’s research, analyze large datasets, support and co-mentor students / postdocs, contribute to bioinformatic methods development, and work with Christoph Bock on the initiation and man-agement of projects, grants, and courses/lectures in bioinformatics, machine learning, and biomedicine, with the perspective of developing of new therapies for cancer and immune diseases.

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We are looking for candidates who want to contribute to cutting-edge research, with a strong commitment to scientific excellence and collaboration, and outside the constraints of a classical PhD -> Postdoc -> PI career. The successful candidate will become a key member of a large research group that combines computational methods with high-throughput biology/biomedicine. While the initial recruitment will be on a fixed-term contract, a tenure-track option with promotion to a senior scientist position within the research group is available. The ideal candidate would have a high level of bioinformatics expertise, research experience, scien-tific creativity, and leadership skills that would easily qualify them for an independent academic career – but may for various rea-sons prefer to work as part of an academic team rather than as an independent group leader. A typical background would be a PhD in bioinformatics, quantitative biology, machine learning / artificial intelligence, data science, or a related field, ideally with prior exposure to high-throughput biology, single-cell or spatial datasets, or biomedical research. We are open to early-stage candidates who have recently completed their PhD or will do so within the next year – but also to candidates who have already collected initial postdoctoral research experience and are ready for the next challenge. The position includes ample opportunities for advancing a research career, developing academic leadership skills, engaging in international collaborations, and contributing to the advance-ment of medicine through computational research. The university provides an excellent employee benefits package. The expected starting salary is EUR 60,000 to EUR 65,000 per year (gross), with a scheduled raise when fulfilling the institutional criteria for the tenure-track option.

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