Postdoc, Research fellow, and PhD student positions in Machine learning and AI (Helsinki, Finland; deadline Oct 1)

Aalto University and University of Helsinki
Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence FCAI
Finland Helsinki


We are hiring in Helsinki Finland, to my research group and in the Finnish Centre for Artificial Intelligence AI and ELLIS Unit Helsinki. These are two separate calls - you can apply in one or both calls:

1. My research group, probabilistic machine learning:

2. Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence and ELLIS Unit Helsinki:

Keywords in both : 1) Reinforcement learning, 2) Probabilistic methods, 3) Simulation-based inference, 4) Privacy-preserving machine learning, 5) Collaborative AI and human modeling, 6) Machine learning for science, and 7) differential privacy.

The positions can include a suitable combination of theoretical and methodological work, and applications such as drug design, synthetic biology, economics, neuroimaging

FAQ: Q: What is the difference; how do I know which call and topic to apply in? A: Pick a topic that is most fitting to you, and tell more about your wishes in the cover letter.

Deadline is October 1, 2023

More information:

Aalto Probabilistic Machine Learning Group

Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence FCAI:

ELLIS Unit Helsinki:


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