PhD fellowship in bioinformatic analysis of host - pathogen interactions in the context of anti-microbial resistance in pigs

University of Copenhagen
Denmark Copenhagen


The PhD project concerns how commensal and pathogenic microbiota modulate host signalling in the intestine and aims to elucidate fundamental aspects of disease progression. Within the gut microbiome component, the project will identify microbial species, microbial gene functions, and gene clusters through DNA sequencing by PIG-PARADIGM consortium partners. Combined with tissue/fecal metabolomics, this will lead to microbial species/gene interaction networks and pathways. Conversely, on the host side gene networks and pathways will be identified through total and small RNA-seq data likewise established by PIG-PARADIGM consortium partners.


Professional qualifications relevant to the PhD project. This include (but not limited to):
For the following criteria the level has to be at level where you are able to work independently:

A solid knowledge of network biology
Knowledge of Machine and Deep learning algorithms
Python (or Perl) and knowledge of C/C++, shell scripting and Unix/Linux operating system

Previous publications
Relevant work experience

Start date

July 26, 2023

How to Apply

all details including application procedure is available here:


Jan Gorodkin