Bioinformatics scientific software engineer

Wageningen University
Bioinformatics Group
Netherlands GE Wageningen


As a bioinformatics scientific software engineer in the Wageningen University Bioinformatics Group, you will contribute to the development and dissemination of software tools for -omics data analysis and thereby contribute to scientific research. Your duties and responsibilities include:
- supporting staff and students in creating robust and sustainable software
- providing training on software development topics like version control and virtualization
- maintaining -omics analysis software hosted by the group
- aiding in refactoring or integrating existing workflows
- promoting and organizing data stewardship (making our research data FAIR)
This position offers the opportunity to develop a career in education in scientific software development, closely connected to state-of-the-art research. You will work in Wageningen in a group with enthusiastic staff, ~30 postdocs and PhD students and ~20 MSc students in an open, relaxed atmosphere. You will be supported in life-long learning and encouraged to seize opportunities to develop yourself further.

Are you interested in joining our team? We look forward to your application.


You are interested in contributing to scientific research, working on software related to -omics analyses, and have a bioinformatics background. You also possess:
- a BSc or MSc degree in bioinformatics, software engineering or a closely related field
- proficiency in scripting languages like Python and R, and object-oriented programming
- good communication skills
- proficiency in working on the Linux command line
- affinity with scientific research and education
- sufficient English language proficiency
- experience with containerization (docker/Apptainer)
- experience with continuous testing and integration
- knowledge of software design and architecture is a bonus

Start date

As soon as possible

How to Apply

More information can be found on our website:
Please submit your application by May 29 through the online form on that page.


Dick de Ridder