Postdoctoral position in computational dynamic protein design

Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Interuniversity Institute of Bioinformatics in Brussels
Belgium Brussels


The Bio2Byte group led by Prof. Dr. Wim Vranken at the VUB in Brussels, Belgium, works on the prediction of protein characteristics, and the interpretation of these predictions in relation to life science problems such as molecular causes of human diseases or protein design (see Together with Confo Therapeutics, a drug discovery company built around disruptive technology which enables it to address ‘undruggable’ GPCRs (, we are launching a project to improve the computational design of proteins, taking into account their dynamics as well as conformation. We are looking for a researcher to join us and build a software platform, starting from the prediction tools from the Bio2Byte lab, that integrates sequence, structure, biophysical and functional data to more efficiently design proteins, with the final aim to prosecute GPRC drug targets. This position will be highly collaborative, working with researchers at the Bio2Byte group, as well as at Confo Therapeutics, and will involve the development of scripts, database and bioinformatics analysis pipelines towards the protein design goal, using fold prediction methods (e.g. AlphaFold2), with the in silico predictions experimentally validated.
Our group is international, with close collaborations within and outside of Europe. We offer an open, dynamic and rewarding research environment, focused on team work and collaborations, that stimulates initiative taking, discussion and originality.


You have a Ph.D. degree in sciences or engineering, with further postdoctoral training a bonus. You are analytical, structured, pragmatic problem solver with attention to detail, and have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, as well as:
● Expertise with handling and integrating large datasets, building bioinformatic tools such as automated analysis pipelines, dashboards and databases;
● Experience using AI-based protein structure prediction methods such as AlphaFold2 and derivatives thereof, as well homology modelling software to build quality structural models;
● Experience with machine learning and/or protein modelling (especially GPCRs) and/or structure prediction of complexed proteins is desirable;
● Experience performing and analysing molecular dynamics simulations (preferably on membrane protein systems) is a bonus;

Start date

As soon as possible

How to Apply

The position is immediately available, for up to 2 years. You will be located at the (IB)2 Interuniversity Institute of Bioinformatics in Brussels (, Etterbeek VUB/ULB campus, and at Confo Therapeutics, Technology Park Zwijnaarde, Ghent.

To apply, please fill in and submit this online form:, before the deadline of the 15th of February 2023. You have to include 1) a motivation letter detailing your interest and suitability for this position and 2) a CV including at least 2 contacts for references. Additional information can be uploaded via the application form.


Wim Vranken