Postdoctoral fellow – Computational Biology

University College Dublin
Ireland Dublin 4 Dublin


The UCD Cancer Data lab ( are currently looking to recruit computational biology postdocs. We are a supportive and collaborative interdisciplinary research group based in the Conway Institute in University College Dublin. We are broadly interested in understanding how mutations in cancer alter molecular interaction networks and in identifying ways to target these alterations therapeutically. We have a particular interest in identifying genetic interactions in cancer and understanding how they influence tumour genome evolution. You can read more about areas of specific research interest here:

Selected relevant publications
Paralog dispensability shapes homozygous deletion patterns in tumor genomes. De Kegel and Ryan, bioRxiv 2022
Experimental reproducibility limits the correlation between mRNA and protein abundances in tumour proteomic profiles. Upadhya and Ryan, Cell Reports Methods 2022
Comprehensive prediction of robust synthetic lethality between paralog pairs in cancer cell lines. De Kegel et al, Cell Systems 2021
Integrative analysis of large-scale loss-of-function screens identifies robust cancer-associated genetic interactions. Lord et al, eLife 2020
Synthetic lethality and cancer – penetrance as the major barrier. Ryan et al Trends in Cancer. 2018
CancerGD: a resource for identifying and interpreting genetic dependencies in cancer. Bridgett et al, Cell Systems 2017


A PhD in bioinformatics / systems biology / genetics / computer science. The ideal candidate for these roles will have good programming and analytics skills and prior experience in the use of data-integration approaches to understand biology. Prior experience of cancer biology or genetic interactions is a plus, but certainly not a prerequisite for the roles.

Start date

As soon as possible

How to Apply

Details here:


Colm Ryan