One postdoctoral researcher position (18 months) in Computational Network Biology - Machine Learning

University of Lille
Oncolille Institue


The research carried out will leverage and support the I3-BioNet concept, which combines inference, interrogation and intervention with co-regulatory networks. The concept is particularly illustrative and interesting and paves the way to a research which goes beyond the simple analysis of biological data, by targeting the biological system in its entirety. We combined ML software (for data analysis, model formation, experimental design), with network biology software (bioinformatics, systems biology modelling) and visualization to execute a cycle of systems biology model development. A second challenge is to facilitate the collaboration with scientists to accelerate systems biology models development. AI systems have super-human scientific powers: they can learn from vast amounts of data, execute error-free logical reasoning, execute near optimal probabilistic reasoning, coordinate the parallel testing of different hypotheses; and only scientists have the knowledge and experience to direct these experiments into profitable areas of research.
This post-doc position is funded by ANR as part of the FNR INTER/ANR PRCI GREENER project.

For further information on the topic, see:

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Candidates should have a background or strong interest in computational network biology and machine learning and solid programming skills (e.g., R/Python).

Start date

As soon as possible

How to Apply

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit a CV electronically to Prof. Mohamed Elati (
Please feel free to contact us for informal inquiries and additional information.


Mohamed Elati