Postdoctoral job opportunity in Bioinformatics to reveal major gene regulatory programs from single cell RNA seq transcriptomes issued from CAR T cell development.

French Centre National de la recherche Scientifique (CNRS)
UMR 8030; Systems and Synthetic Biology


The postdoctoral position falls within an EU funded collaborative project T Fitness to develop more resistant CAR T cells in the context of solid tumors Specifically, you will i analyze single cell bulk RNA sequencing data for revealing major gene programs; ( develop enhanced solutions for predicting master regulator transcription factors driving gene programs at the basis of CAR T cell development The postdoctoral position is expected to start in September 2022.


The candidate must hold a Ph D degree in bioinformatics, computer science, or related. Essential qualifications include excellent programming skills in languages as Python, Java, Perl and/or R. Experience in next generation sequencing and related functional genomic data analysis (transcriptomics, ChIP sequencing, etc is a strong asset Furthermore, experience in single cell transcriptomics and or gene regulatory networks reconstruction is a plus for this application.

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Marco Mendoza