Baylor College of Medicine


We seek a motivated and talented postdoc bioinformatician who wants to join our group to work on human long-read applications to explore Structural Variations, Single Nucleotide, and other changes in a large population cohort. Over the next year we will produce a significant collection of long-reads across individuals of the USA population with the goal to deepen our understanding of mutations ranging from small (SNPs) to large (Structural Variations) and the impact of these mutations. In addition, we want to further the development of key software (e.g. Sniffles) and annotation resources.


Minimum Qualifications MD or Ph.D. in Basic Science, Health Science, or a related field. Preferred Qualifications A Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, or related fields with a dissertation related to Computational Biology. Strong programming (Python/Perl/C++) and analytical skills, including experience with next- or Third-generation sequencing data. Expertise in working with the Linux/Unix command line (bash, make, software management and versioning via GitHub Proficiency in handling large-scale scientific data sets and cluster computing environments (SGE/Slurm). Ability to independently develop reports and manuscripts and present findings

Start date

August 31, 2022

How to Apply

Email or directly here:


Fritz Sedlazeck