Senior Software Engineer

United KingdomCambridge


As part of the EMBL-EBI COVID-19 task force, you will be part of the team that coordinates and develops automated workflows to process SARS-CoV-2 datasets. Adapting and developing innovative workflows to process and present COVID-19 data held across EMBL-EBI archives and the wider scientific community. You will also contribute to the Google and OpenStack cloud HPC workflow platforms that automate the analysis of incoming COVID-19 data. You will design and extend workflows, including investigating and selecting appropriate technologies, to meet the data processing and presentation needs of the projects. You will work with teams from across EMBL-EBI.


Experience with developing and maintaining bioinformatic pipelines Proficiency in CI/CD principle and practice, including design, implementation, testing, maintenance, version control and deployment Proficiency in programming languages: Bash, Python, Java / Groovy, SQL Proficiency in Linux administration via command line Experience with HPC workflow engines such as LSF & Slurm Experience with workflow platforms such as Nextflow & Airflow Experience with containerisation (Docker or similar) and orchestration Experience with RESTful APIs Experience with database connectivity and schema design for Relational and noSQL databases

Start date

August 15, 2022

How to Apply

Please submit your applications at