Postdoctoral Researcher in genetic disorders of chromatin function


You will help us understand how mutations in chromatin organising genes cause disease. Your project will specifically examine how mutations in Nipbl cause the heart and brain defects seen in Cornelia de Lange syndrome. We're looking for someone with (or about to finish) a PhD in biology, biochemistry, genetics, bioinformatics or a related subject. You will need strong research expertise in chromatin, gene regulation or congenital disease, and will have hands on experience generating or analysing genomics datasets. Your project will involve learning how to generate Genome Architecture Mapping data and how to integrate it with single-cell and/or spatial transcriptomics data.

Whilst you will be expected to conduct both laboratory experiments and computational analyses, applications are strongly encouraged from applicants with a computational background who are looking to learn some wet-lab skills.


Hold a PhD/DPhil (or be close to completing) in biology, biochemistry, genetics, bioinformatics (or other related subject)

Start date

To be determined

How to Apply

Online applications are open until midday on July 6th


Rob Beagrie