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The Genomic Sciences and Precision Medicine Center (GSPMC) is seeking an addition to their highly productive Bioinformatics Shared Resource that services internal and external clinical and research partners. Genomics is key to modern research, and also revolutionizing the medical practice through the expansive use of high-throughput sequencing methods. Further, GSPMC is pioneering team science and dedicated to advancing research in genomics and epigenomics. Bioinformatics is the key to turning data into actionable knowledge through processing clinical and research Service Line samples, developing new testing methodologies, and to improving interpretation of genetic variants.
The successful candidate would be cross-trained across our bioinformatics research production service lines, including exome, genome, ChIP-seq, RRBS, ATAC-Seq, RNA-Seq, scRNA-Seq, scATAC-seq and Hi-C. Therefore, prior experience in the analyses and visualization of NGS data types is required, and epigenetic data types preferred. We use code and task management systems; the candidate is expected to operate in these systems to facilitate team communication, project tracking, and process reporting. Prior experience in managing a portfolio of work through software systems is desired. This position has primary responsibility for efficient and accurate completion of core services of the Center. This position has secondary responsibility to contribute to the development of future bioinformatics and data science service lines. This Bioinformatics Analyst is expected to maintain current knowledge of the literature in bioinformatics, upholding and proactively improving analysis methods of the Center that underlie a wide variety of projects and publications.


Minimum Education: Master’s degree and preferably PhD’s degree
Prior Experience: 2 years or Thesis/Publications with direct relevance
Preferred Field of Study Bioinformatics, computational biology, molecular genetics, Machine Learning/AI, or comparable field
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
This position requires strong bioinformatic, data management, and process management skills. Working knowledge of molecular biology, genetics, statistics, and experience using tools for NGS data processing are needed. Working experience with gene expression and epigenetic sequence analysis and algorithms is preferred. Experience with Linux-based HPC clusters is preferred.

The successful candidate will join a productive team of researchers in running, maintaining, improving, and developing more detailed bioinformatic workflows for processing diverse NGS data types, and integration across data types. To facilitate team communication and productivity, experience in using task tracking and code subversion systems is preferred; successful candidates will be trained on their use within our group. As the GSPMC is actively working to bring new technologies to our research programs, the successful candidate will have opportunities to improve the workflows and increase automation; the successful candidate will work closely with our wet-lab OMICS director, to translate the information gained from NGS datasets to the design and implementation of workflow improvements, process improvements, and greater interpretability of the data. The successful candidate will be organized, detail-oriented, and an effective written and verbal communicator.

Start date

As soon as possible

How to Apply

Please contact: Dr. Victor Jin,


Victor X. Jin