Founding Director, Computational Informatics Center Core Facility

University of North Texas
The Division of Research and Innovation
United States TX Denton


The Division of Research and Innovation at the University of North Texas (UNT), a Carnegie Tier One research institution, is creating a core capacity in computational services to support the goals of faculty researchers across the UNT campus. It is anticipated that this core computational service facility will address needs for data analytics in multiple disciplines across the UNT campus including bioinformatics, chemistry, health sciences, and social sciences. UNT is a student-focused research university with an emphasis on sustainability. UNT is the nation’s 25th largest public university, and is committed to serve its 47,000 students while powering the North Texas region through innovative education and research.

Recently UNT signed a five-year renewable agreement with Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at the University of Texas at Austin (UT-Austin) to utilize the computing facilities at TACC. Through this agreement, UNT will purchase over 400,000 compute node-hours per year within the Lonestar6 system. In addition, UNT faculty and students will have access to TACC’s high-performance computing systems under the same conditions as any UT-Austin faculty and students, respectively. The new Computational Informatics Center Core Facility will function complementary to UNT’s Research Computing Services model.

The University of North Texas is seeking a Founding Director for the newly created Computational Informatics Center Core Facility. The successful candidate will oversee the operation and development of the facility in conjunction with the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation (VPRI). The director will consult with Principal Investigators to meet their complex computational needs and provide advanced informatics analyses. The director will also interact within a larger, university-supported computing team and will supervise staff and research assistant students to provide expertise to various labs across campus. The director brings together elements of computational/ bioinformatics expertise to promote exchange of data, integrate pipelines, and to analyze and integrate multiple data types including but not limited to transcriptomics, metabolomics and proteomics. Contributions to structural modeling, molecular dynamics and imaging analysis are also anticipated.

Primary Responsibilities

Promotes and enables state-of-the-art informatics analyses
Works closely with the other core facilities managers and the VPRI to address data analytics needs.
Implements the addition of new services and tools to the core based on PI needs.
Assists PIs to analyze and interpret multiple data types, generating insights and testable hypotheses, and respective reports for research projects, grants and manuscripts.
Provides guidance in data analysis, data integration and data visualization.
Assists in data mining and computational analysis of large public databases for PI projects.
Manages core staff, including distributing workload, overseeing quality and completion of core projects with appropriate chargebacks and assures that staff education and training needs are met.
Manages the core budget, including usage documentation and chargeback billing.
Oversees maintenance of informative web sites and other investigator outreach materials.


A successful candidate will possess the following qualifications.
• Demonstrate strong communication and interpersonal skills.
• Ability to lead and/or support small groups.
• Possess strong attention to detail.
• Demonstrate strong analytical, time management and organizational skills.
• Ability to support a wide variety of research projects with sometimes competing needs and deadlines.
• Strong computational and computer programming skills, and excellent problem-solving skills
• Proficiency in bioinformatics analyses.
• Experience in data visualization techniques.
• Experience in high performance computing and big data analytics.
• Proficiency in statistics and probability concepts.

Start date

To be determined

How to Apply

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For more information on the position, please contact Associate Vice President for Research & Innovat