Deep learning /AI scientist


Illumina is hiring Deep Learning/AI Scientists

Hundreds of millions of human genomes and exomes are expected to be sequenced over the next decade, driven by steady innovations in sequencing technologies pioneered by Illumina. The enormous quantities of genomic data being generated by Illumina in collaboration with our partners worldwide represents a major opportunity to develop novel data-driven and artificial intelligence methods to extract clinically actionable information from the genome, and apply it towards improving human health.

To accelerate the adoption of clinical sequencing, Illumina is recruiting a world-class deep learning scientist to work on the development of novel deep learning algorithms for deciphering the effects of genetic variants in the human genome. Major aims would include modeling the effects of genetic variants on protein function, and diagnosis of pathogenic variants in patients with cancer or rare genetic diseases.

A key objective is to publish research results in peer-reviewed journals in order to improve the accuracy, throughput, and reproducibility of genome interpretation, thereby removing barriers to clinical adoption of whole genome sequencing. In addition to strong analytical skills, this position will require a high degree of initiative, autonomy, and scientific collaboration.


Lead the development of novel deep learning for deciphering the human genetic code, diagnosing pathogenic genetic variants by combining information from detailed clinical phenotypes and medical records, protein structures, and genomic data.
Lead scientific collaborations with Illumina’s academic, nonprofit, and industry partners, and lead a multidisciplinary team focused on achieving these aims.
Publish and disseminate methods and findings and incorporate them into software products to the benefit of the wider genetics community.


Expert in machine learning, statistics, and proteinomics / genomics
Possesses strong communication skills, with the ability to present complex scientific ideas to clinical, scientific, and industry audiences.
Be willing to work in a fast paced, competitive environment, and hold a strong record of successful delivery of complex scientific projects and publications under tight timelines.


MD or PhD in computer science, genetics, computational biology, or related field.

All listed requirements are deemed as essential functions to this position; however, business conditions may require reasonable accommodations for additional task and responsibilities


MD or PhD in computer science, genetics, computational biology, or related field.

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