Computational Genomics Senior Scientist

Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Data and Computational Sciences
United States MA Boston


General Summary:

The Computational Genomics Senior Scientist collaborates with cross-functional project teams to design studies, analyze and interpret large-scale genomics data, and communicate results to move forward drug development. The incumbent brings together the needs of project teams with computational biology tools. The incumbent is responsible for work productivity and emerging creativity and versatility, designing and executing elaborate work packages for major research projects, and demonstrating resourcefulness in running multiple activities concurrently, all related to achievement of goals/ objectives. The incumbent adapts to new projects rapidly and to multiple projects effectively, ensuring alignment with corporate goals.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:
• Collaborates with project teams, acting as the computational genomics expert, to identify key needs and questions that can be addressed using genomics, sequencing, or bioinformatics contributions
• Plans studies leveraging sequencing, genetic, and genomic data to answer biological questions and enable development of genetic therapy treatments
• Plans, executes, and iterates on analysis of large-scale sequencing data, in partnership with computational and experimental team members
• Visualizes, summarizes, and communicates findings to project teams and other key stakeholders
• Collaborates with computational, preclinical and pharmaceutical scientists
• Collates experimental data, translates data into model inputs, delivers presentations and writes reports to guide Project decisions and new research activities
• Designs and performs elaborate and technically challenging work packages
• Distills complicated, multidimensional data to clear hypotheses and new experimental directions
• Prioritizes own studies within Projects and balances activities across Projects effectively
• Performs advanced, complex troubleshooting and methods development
• “Multi-tasks” to a modest degree and effectively manages efforts on multiple targets or themes
• Innovates on research methodology to a high degree, in order to address more important questions
• Scours relevant scientific literature within field and surveys broadly beyond own discipline/field
• “Imports” new principles/concepts from other fields to develop useful new experimental approaches
• Researches external intellectual property relevant to Project(s) and areas of pursuit
• Contributes substantively to patent and publication preparation
• May guide and supervise other Research team members


Knowledge and Skills:
• A proven track record in the analysis, visualization, and interpretation of genomic and next-generation sequencing (NGS) data
• Specialized scientific understanding of gene editing, the role of genetic variation in human disease, molecular biology, and cellular biology
• Significant experience with applying computational methods and bioinformatics tools to large-scale data
• Specialized deep understanding of statistics
• Strong organizational and time-management skills to prioritize needs and get things done
• Excellent presentation and communication skills, including the ability to tailor scientific content to audiences with different backgrounds
• Displays proven productivity and experimental creativity, and effective dissemination of ideas
• Demonstrates astute understanding of how to deploy own talents most effectively
• Maintains a deep and broad knowledge of relevant science beyond own discrete field(s)
• Demonstrates increased fluency in new fields and projects and generally handles “multi-tasking” well
• Displays greater ability to productively disseminate ideas across discipline- and Project-boundaries
• Demonstrates ability to solve complex problems to attain crucial Project goals
Education and Experience:
• Ph.D. (or equivalent degree) in computational biology, bioinformatics, human genetics, genomics, systems biology, bioengineering, or a related field and 2-5 years of productive, relevant post-doctoral employment experience, or
• MS (or equivalent degree) in similar fields and 5+ years of productive, relevant employment experience, or
• BS (or equivalent degree) in similar fields and 8+ years of productive, relevant employment experience

Start date

As soon as possible

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