Research Data Scientist, Computational Biology


We are seeking a highly motivated, independent, and creative computational biologist to develop and apply techniques in machine learning to elucidate fundamental drivers of human aging. The major research focus will be the discovery and investigation of biomarker signatures, biological pathways, and drug targets related to biological aging, healthspan, and lifespan in humans using ML on unique human aging datasets generated by BioAge and our partners. The key focuses for this position will be the timely publication of results in high-impact journals, and development work on our proprietary AI Platform.


Qualifications, Skills, & Abilities

Candidates should have a Ph.D. in computational biology or a related discipline
Strong background in machine learning and statistics, as well as an interest in the biological processes that drive aging
Publications and knowledge in ML methods development, aging biology, molecular biology, medicine, and/or drug discovery will be highly valuable
Experience working with and integrating proteomic, metabolomic, transcriptomic, genomic, and/or methylation data is also an asset
This is a remote working position with no travel requirements

Start date

To be determined

How to Apply

Apply via LinkedIn: