Scientist and Research Associate positions in microbial systems, metagenomics, modeling, sequence analysis

Computational Biology
United States Illinois Chicago


Our vision is to build ever more perfect and predictive models and to achieve ‘model organism’ status for our biocatalyst in the area of acetogenic gas fermentation. We strive one day to comprehensively ‘Compute the Organism” in silico across time and scale.
The growing CompBio team seeks your energy, ideas, commitment and enthusiasm to help advance our understanding of biocatalyst biology while supporting LanzaTech’s commercial projects and business objectives.
Some things you might do in this role:
1. Develop pipelines for genetic variant, assembly annotation, metagenomic composition, functional omics, network and systems analysis
2. Identify key biological risks to process success in collaboration with other departments, including Synthetic Biology, Strain Development, Process Development, and Engineering; design and execute computational research studies to address these risks.
3. Integrate and analyze public and proprietary transcriptome, proteome and metabolome data to extend understanding of biocatalyst biology
4. Build metabolic models at genome and community scale, and assess model performance against the expanding storehouse of reactor performance measures
5. Collaborate with cross-department technical teams for project planning and execution, including US government grant applications
6. Apply machine learning to our reservoir of data encompassing fermentation process and microbial strain design
7. Mentor research associates and technicians
8. Create a new capability based on skills that uniquely you bring to the table.


Depending on role:
• PhD degree (Scientists) or BS MS (Research Associates) in bioinformatics, computational, quantitative or systems biology, chemical engineering, microbiology, microbial ecology, or another related major.
• Demonstrated record of research excellence in experimental or computational biology (publications, patents or deployed code)
• Deep understanding of bacterial physiology, genetics and/or biochemistry, familiarity with metagenomics concepts
• Experience with at least one programming language, such as but not limited to Python, Java, C#, Matlab, R, or C++.
• Experience with statistical analysis of high dimensional datasets
• Experience with standard bioinformatics toolkit

• >2 years’ experience working in an industrial biotechnology or other R&D environment
• Experience designing and performing wet-lab work, especially performing adaptive laboratory evolution or metabolic engineering
• Prior work developing containerized (Dockerized), reproducible computational workflows
• Record of building full-stack (frontend, backend, database, API) applications
• Experience with variant calling or microbial resequencing projects
• Experience with microbial genomic annotation tools
• Experience with genome scale modeling
• Experience with application of statistical computing to biological problems
• Familiarity with Linux operating system

Start date

As soon as possible

How to Apply

Apply through web site at https:
// -> Computational Biology Scientists & Research Associates