Bioinformatics: RNA processing

Univ. of Maryland
Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
United States Maryland College Park


The laboratory of Dr. Stephen M Mount in the Dept. of Cell Biology and Molecular genetics seeks a bioinformatician who can discover biological insights in diverse RNA-seq data sets (including HIV infected T cells, premature aging, behavior-dependent mouse brains and testes, cancer, fruit development and fern male gametophyte maturation). This position is available immediately to work with Steve Mount and collaborators (Drs. Heidi Fisher, Kan Cao and Zhongchi Liu). Research in the Mount laboratory is focused on describing how RNA processing produces accurate, variant and defective RNA isoforms from protein-coding genes. In practice, this means mining high throughput RNA-seq data for biological insights using computational tools.


A strong background in bioinformatics is essential. This should include programming skills in R and python and experience with large biological data sets. Experience with, and knowledge of, RNA processing is a plus. Significant biological knowledge is essential. The ideal candidate will be motivated, capable of academic writing and able to work well as a collaborator.

The successful candidate will receive training and direction on key projects. The successful candidate will be expected and encouraged to co-author publications and to present their work at national and international meetings. Their professional development will be supported.

Start date

As soon as possible

Start date

To be determined

How to Apply

Interested applicants should send their CV together with contact information for three references to Steve Mount at


Stephen M. Mount