PhD Studentship: Inference of protein function from domain architecture and orthology

Stockholm Bioinformatics Centre, Science for Life Laboratory, Stockholm University, Sweden
Biochemistry and Biophysics


The function of a protein is very challenging to establish experimentally. A faster route is to
predict the function based on the amino acid sequence. This project will employ several
approaches that use sequence features to this end. The main goal is to develop computational
tools for studying domain architecture evolution and its relation to function and orthology.

The project includes both development of new algorithms and methods, as well as applications
such as tools and workbenches to enable public access for database queries of Pfam,
InParanoid, and Hieranoid. The methods include hidden Markov models, clustering methods,
various statistical analyses, and own developed algorithms. The project involves programming,
data analysis, benchmarking, as well as application of the developed methods to genes of
particular interest in order to discover new protein functions.


Only European citizens are eligible.

The successful candidate should have an M.Sc. in bioinformatics or related field, and
knowledge of molecular biology. Alternatively, an M.Sc. in molecular biology or related field
and at least 1 year of practical experience in bioinformatics research. Familiarity with sequence
analysis techniques is essential, as well as a high level of motivation. Computer programming
(e.g. Perl, Python, R, C++, Java), UNIX skills, and knowledge of biological database systems
are necessary merits.

Start date

As soon as possible

How to Apply

Send your CV, a cover letter, and the email address of 2 references to


Erik Sonnhammer