Bioinformatician in Computational Metabolomics

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Center for Biotechnology/ NE Ctr Integrated Biomolecular Comm
United States NE Lincoln


The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) is hiring a research associate in computational metabolomics as a member of the Center for Biotechnology Bioinformatics Research Core Facility (BCRF) and the Nebraska Research Center for Integrated Biomolecular Communication (CIBC). CIBC is a research center funded by the National Institutes of Health whose projects integrate the research activities of chemists, biochemists, engineers, and bioinformaticians to address critical knowledge gaps in our understanding of how cells communicate and to mechanistically define metabolic and regulatory pathways relevant to disease development and progression. We are establishing state-of-the-art metabolomics and proteomics facilities which apply liquid chromatography-mass spectrometers (LC-MS) and NMR spectrometers to conduct research relevant to CIBC.

We seek a highly motivated expert in metabolomics to join the BCRF team and contribute to fulfilling the research objectives of CIBC. This individual would focus on the development, implementation and application of computational and analytical approaches for metabolic phenotyping. The primary responsibilities of any successful applicant are to develop and implement data processing pipelines, including the experimental design, pre-processing, and statistical analysis of large scale LC-MS and NMR-based metabolomics studies; collaborate with researchers within and external to the university (academic, industry, scientific instrument manufacturers); and provide training and support in relevant areas of bioinformatics.


Minimum required qualifications:
• Master’s degree in computational metabolomics, bioinformatics, or closely related area
• At least 4 years of experience with analytics for metabolomics (mass spectrometry and/or NMR-based)
• Competent in more than one programming language (e.g., C++, Perl, Python, Matlab, R, etc.)
• Strong communication and writing skills; one should be able to easily communicate the technical solutions put forth to a non-technical audience.

Preferred qualifications:
• Experience collaborating with subject matter specialists in the general area of biomedical and biomolecular research.
• PhD in computational metabolomics, bioinformatics, statistics or closely related area
• 2-3 years of postdoctoral experience in a field combining computational and life sciences
• Ability to assess resource requirements and use resources effectively

Start date

October 01, 2017

How to Apply

Please apply online through the UNL human resources portal; URL is provided above.


Jennifer Clarke