Senior Bioinformatics Analyst

Emory University
United States Georgia Atlanta


The responsibilities of this position include: refactoring a micro array pipeline adding unit testing, version control and saving output file in a SQL database allowing easy querying of the data for meta-analysis and integrative analysis. Establish a fast paced pipeline for Illumina deep RNA-Sequencing data analysis which involves unique mapping of RNA-Seq reads onto current version of the reference genomes, estimating transcript abundance over known and novel transcripts, using appropriate normalization techniques, test for differential expression on both variant level and transcript level of gene abundance. Also responsible for statistical design of experiments, analysis and reporting, and assembly of figures for manuscript preparation.
Maintains software, hardware and information networks in a bioinformatics and molecular modeling laboratory.
Analyzes protein structure, data collections and high throughput screening results with sophisticated bioinformatics software in order to carry out structure activity analyses and to generate predictive correlations.
Applies a broad range of molecular modeling tools to formulate novel bioactivity hypotheses and to design stereospecific molecular structures as candidates for biological in-vitro and cellular probes, independently and in collaboration with synthetic chemists.
May hire, supervise, and evaluate a small staff. Performs related responsibilities as required.


A master's degree in chemistry, biochemistry, bioinformatics or related field; PhD preferred.
Three years of bioinformatics and/or computational chemistry experience.
Ability to design virtual combinatorics libraries and to refine them in communication with chemists.

Start date

As soon as possible

How to Apply

By email to

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