Bioinformatics PhD position with focus on aquatic molecular biodiversity and ecology

University of Duisburg-Essen
Germany Deutschland Essen


A bioinformatics PhD position (3 year contract) will be available early 2021 in the group of Dr. Beißer in the Department of Biodiversity at the University of Duisburg-Essen headed by Prof. Boenigk. The focus of the PhD thesis will be on the bioinformatic and statistical analyses of metatranscriptome and amplicon sequencing data from large-scale experiments in aquatic ecosystems with the aim of elucidating multiple stressor impacts on communities and ecosystem functions. The experiments, sampling and molecular work will be a joint effort within the CRC “Multilevel Response to Stressor Increase and Release in Stream Ecosystems” (SFB RESIST).


A master’s degree or equivalent in bioinformatics, ecology, biology or related fields is required as well as knowledge in high throughput sequencing analysis using Python, R and/or Bash scripting under the Linux operating system. Advantageous would be experience with processing of metatranscriptomic, amplicon or metagenomic data by the development of Snakemake workflows.

We are looking for a candidate with experience and interest in further developing her/his skills in bioinformatics and statistical analysis of sequencing data as well as curiosity for questions related to the ecology and function of aquatic microorganisms.

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As soon as possible

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Daniela Beisser (more information:

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