PhD bioinformatics position Laval University (Quebec) / IFREMER Tahiti

Laval University / IFREMER
Canada Quebec Quebec


This position will be bi-localized between with laboratories at IFREMER, located in Tahiti, French Polynesia, and at the CHU de Quebec - Université Laval located in Quebec, Canada. Approximately, the candidate will begin in Tahiti and continue during 18 months in Quebec and finish in Tahiti .

The project is composed of two objectives: 1) Create a 3D map of a pearl and its microstructure. 2) Associate microstructures and rotation of the pearl. 3) Characterize the coloration of the pearl.

To complete the objectives, from a collection of very high resolution images of a pearl already acquired, the student will be responsible to create the first 3D map of a pearl. Secondly, the student will elaborate strategies to characterize the coloration of the pearls and find the eventual association with the environment (e.g. available food, PH, temperature). Other associations will be evaluated, such as the lustre quality and the aragonite layers organization, and the pearl rotation with the environment. These associations will allow the improvement of farming culture processes to improve pearls. Finally, the student will propose strategies to identify pearls using overlapping mineral growth fronts tracks as “fingerprint” to traceability purposes.


Master in computer science or bioinformatics or mathematics/statistics Strong analytical and programming skills are highly desirable Experience in various high-performance computing (HPC) clusters Experience with imaging
Experience in image feature extraction
Experience in machine learning and deep learning
Able to travel between Canada and French Polynesia Excellent teamwork and communication skills are required

Start date

As soon as possible

How to Apply

To apply for this position, please email your CV and/or resume


Arnaud Droit