Postdoctoral Fellow

Institute for Health, Health Care Policy & Aging Research (IFH); Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS); Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
United States NJ New Brunswick


Ahmed lat at the Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey is seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow to work at the Institute for Health, Health Care Policy & Aging Research. The focus of this position will be on intelligent and multi-functional systems development for integrative healthcare, metabolomics, and genomics data analysis to discover disease bio-markers for advanced diagnostics and personalized treatment in Precision Medicine.

The position will work under the direction of Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed; Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research (IFH); Department of Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. The primary host location will be the IFH, established in 1985 by David Mechanic, facilitates collaboration among the social and behavioral sciences, clinical disciplines, basic sciences and related fields to promote research on critical health and mental health issues.

Among the key duties of this position are the following:
- Research and development of AI and ML methods for heterogonous healthcare, multi-omics and related data analysis.
- Bioinformatics software/tools design, analysis, programming and deployment.
- Implementation of data processing and analysis pipelines for QC and downstream analysis of sequence (DNA/RNA) data.
- Structural analysis of Next Generation Sequence (NGS) raw data available in different file formats (e.g., FASTQ, SAM, etc.).
- Heterogeneous, high volume data understanding and management.
- Literature review; analysis of different scientific approaches; reporting results; participation in lab and related meetings; writing manuscripts; making and doing presentations.
- Working using Windows, iOS/MAC and UNIX operating systems, including high performance computing environments: data clusters with pre-installed Slum/PBS, and cloud computing.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Interests and Abilities:
- Demonstrated analytical and research skills.
- Analyze pre-developed software, scripts, pipelines, and databases.
- Experience of working within secure data environments e.g., HIPAA, CLIA, IRB etc.
- Experience, good knowledge and interest of further learning:
o Programming languages, including Java, C#, C++, R, SWIFT, HTML and PHP (not limited to these).
o Integrated Development Environments: Eclipse, Visual Studio Dot Net, XOCDE.
o Operating systems: Windows, IOS, Android, and UNIX.
o Databases: MySQL, MS.SQL.
o Raw data handling: NGS, Metabolomics, and Healthcare.
o NGS Pipelines: WGS, WES, RNA-seq.
o Data Analysis and Visualization: Integrative Genomics, Metabolomics and Healthcare downstream analysis e.g., gene expression and variant analysis, BMI variant analysis, EHR/EMR analysis etc.
o High performance computing (HPC) and Cloud computing.
- Excellent organization, planning, project management, problem solving, presentation, and writing skills.
- Able to work independently and in teams.


PhD in Biomedical Informatics, Bioinformatics, or related subjects.

Start date

As soon as possible

How to Apply

Applying through provided web link is preferred and mandatory.

However, interested candidates can also send their Cover Letter and CV (combined, single PDF file) directly to Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed ( The subject of email should be: Postdoc-20ST0812


Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed; Assistant Professor of Medicine at IFH, RWJ Med. Sch., RBHS, Rutgers University.