Research Assistant Professor in Computational Biology

United States NE LINCOLN


Conduct a vigorous research program in the area of computational and systems biology; work to obtain external and internal research support for research projects; publish papers in scientific journals reporting the results of the research projects; collaborate with other scientists in the Department of Biochemistry, IANR, and elsewhere in areas of mutual interest


• PhD in Computational/Systems Biology or a related field and 4+ years postdoctoral experience related to computational biology.
• Expertise in proteomics, metabolomics, transcriptomics, and lipidomics data analysis, as well as computational and mathematical modeling using multiple mathematical techniques, including boolean networks, constraint-based modeling, kinetic models, correlation networks.
• Expertise in data mining and utilizing the various types of sequencing datasets.
• Expertise in data integration, data-driven and knowledge driven modeling.
• Experience in algorithm development in integration of data and modeling, and their application in drug discovery.
• Experience in statistics and machine learning methods.
• Expertise in R/bioconductor and Matlab.
• Knowledge of structural bioinformatics and protein modeling.
• Ability to work collaboratively as well as independently according to project need.
• Ability to understand molecular techniques, work and communicate with experimental biologists.
• Background in immunology and microbiology.

Preferred experience in mentoring and supervising a team.

Start date

As soon as possible

How to Apply

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