Computational RNA Biology PhD

Garvan Institute of Medical Research
Genomics / Neuroscience
Australia NSW Sydney


PhD position is available for a highly motivated trainee in the field of Computational Biology/ Bioinformatics at Neurotranscriptomics Laboratory within the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney. Our research uses a combination of machine learning approaches and other computational resources to understand how phenotypic complexity can arise during evolution, as well as how diversity in neuronal function arises. We focus in particular on the role of alternative splicing, and other post-transcriptional mechanisms, in expanding gene and protein function. We are a multi-disciplinary lab and candidates will have opportunities to learn both wet and dry skills (depending on interest and experience).


The candidate should have experience in computational biology or bioinformatics. We are particularly interested in a candidate with a biological background. Expertise in analyzing RNA-seq, nanopore, scRNA-seq, CLiP-seq or ATAC-seq would be a bonus. International candidates with publication/s and/or a Master’s degree are encouraged to apply.

Start date

To be determined

How to Apply

If you are interested, please send your c.v. and a cover letter explaining your interest to: