Postdoctoral Fellowship in Autoimmunity

University of Pennsylvania
United States PA Philadelphia


We are recruiting one highly motivated postdoctoral fellow to study T cell pathology in autoimmunity. We are interested in defining unique pathologic features of self-reactive T cells in disease states. The postdoctoral fellow will extend our mass cytometry expertise to the Hyperion imaging system for multiplex imaging of complex cellular phenotypes in situ. He/she will also apply single-cell approaches to examine the differentiation trajectory of follicular helper-like cells in the secondary lymphoid organs and tertiary lymphoid structures. This project builds on our expertise in antigen-specific analyses and previous studies in chronic HIV infection (see our recent publication in Science Immunology and Cell Reports). Mechanistic insights will be generated by interrogating patient-derived specimens. We are funded by a NIH R01 grant, a Veteran Affairs Merit Award, and Innovative Research Award from the Rheumatology Research Foundation. Please see the lab website for more information:


Postdoctoral candidates with experience in computational biology and immunology or related areas are welcome to apply.

Start date

As soon as possible

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