Postdoc in sequence analysis of protein (sub)families in metagenomes

AFMB laboratory, Aix-Marseille University
Glycogenomics group / CAZy database
France Marseille


Carbohydrate-Active enZymes (CAZymes) display high subtrate specificity and thus provide high-predictive power in genomes and metagenome annotation/interpretation.
The CAZy database ( is the reference classification for CAZymes since almost 30 years and collaborate in many high-impact studies in the fied (, with recent interest in human and livestock microbiomes, and now towards aquatic and land microbiomes for their biotechnological applications in blue and green economy (biofuels and other valuable glycan sub-products).
In this context a post-doctoral position (Era-CoBioTech 2019 funded project: SYNBIOGAS - is opening for the analysis of CAZymes from sampled lanfill metagenomes and subdivision of CAZy protein families into subfamilies.


The applicant should ideally have skills in Sequence Analysis of Protein families (Sequence Similarity Networks, Phylogeny, Hidden Markov Models), in Programming languages (Python/Perl and R) and experience in comparative genomics or functional annotation/curation from the literature will be appreciated.

Start date

As soon as possible

How to Apply

Email contact (with a CV highlighting relevant publications) will be used to select candidates for interviews


Nicolas Terrapon