Computational Biologist/Bioinformatics Research Scientist

University of Pittsburgh
United States PA Pittsburgh


The University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Immunology at the School of Medicine is seeking a Computational Biologist/Bioinformatics Research Scientist in the Vignali Lab ( The Research Scientist will work as a computational biologist/bioinformatics who will focus on analyses and management of multi-omics datasets (with emphasis on single cell and bulk RNAseq, ATACseq and ChIPseq data) relevant to the study of immune cells in mouse and human cancer and autoimmune microenvironments. This position will incorporate a wide range of skills and activities. This individual will work in close collaboration with experimental scientists to assist their high throughput NGS project design, data analysis and data presentation. This individual will also be expected to train lab members in basic computational biology/bioinformatics data analysis, including use of programs in R, Python and C++. They may also carry out independent computation research projects involving methods development, novel algorithm development and/or or high-level data analysis of lab-generated and publicly available datasets.


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Dario Vignali