Computational Systems Biology Postdoctoral Researcher

Biosciences & Biotechnology Division
United States CA LIVERMORE


We have an opening for a Postdoctoral Research Staff Member to conduct research in the areas of computational systems biology. This position is in the Biochemical and Biophysical Systems group in the Biotechnology and Biosciences Division.

Essential Duties
- Conduct research in whole-cell modeling collaboration with other researchers.
- Develop new computational tools for high performance computing studies.
- Organize, analyze and present data from research.
- Develop models and transition existing models to a new network.
- Develop spatially multi-scale dynamic reaction and transport models of biophysical systems.
- Collaborate with others in a multidisciplinary team environment and other national laboratories and industry to accomplish research goals.
- Publish research results in peer-reviewed scientific or technical journals and present results at external conferences, seminars and/or technical meetings.
- Perform other duties as assigned.


- Recent PhD in computer science, bioengineering, physics, mathematics or related field.
- Experience with system-level modeling methods: Stochastic simulation algorithm (SSA), Ordinary differential equations (ODE), and Flux Balance Analysis (FBA).
- Understanding of the concepts of systems biology and/or whole cell modeling.
- Experience in mathematical modeling of cellular phenomena.
- Experience with programming language skills, including C, C++, and Python.
- Ability as an innovative experimenter with a broad range of experience in experimental design, techniques, and execution.
- Ability to develop independent research projects as demonstrated through publication of peer-reviewed literature.
- Proficient verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate effectively in a multidisciplinary team environment and present and explain technical information.

Desired Qualifications
- Familiarity with computer language design, and parallel programming, including MPI, OpenMP, and Charm++.
- Understanding the concept of optimistic parallel discrete event simulation.
- Familiarity with relevant tools like COBRA, COPASI, Vcell, etc.
- Experience with parallel programming, including MPI, and Charm++.

Start date

As soon as possible

How to Apply

Please apply for the position by visiting this website: