Postdoctoral researcher in the field of Computational Cancer Epigenomics

German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)
Cancer Epigenomics
Germany Heidelberg


The Division of Cancer Epigenomics at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) is searching for a postdoctoral researcher to strengthen its computational team. The division conducts a rich and vibrant research program in epigenomics of several cancer entities, focusing on leukemias, several solid tumor types, such as prostate, breast and lung, as well as certain rare bone neoplasms. We generate a wide range of epigenetic profiles in tumors, both bulk and single-cell: including DNA methylomes, chromatin accessibility and histone modification patterns, genomic contact maps etc. Bioinformatically, we develop a novel computational methodology and user-friendly tools to enable comprehensive analysis of epigenomic data from multiple angles.

The project will involve the development of reproducible analysis workflows for multiple types of epigenomic data generated in the Division, both bulk and single-cell. Benchmarking studies will be conducted to devise the most accurate and computationally efficient procedures, in particular for the bisulfite sequencing data, as well as for Nanopore sequencing applied to DNA methylation profiling. The analysis workflows will be implemented using a standardized specification (CWL) and executed in hybrid HPC/cloud environments. The successful candidate will then perform comprehensive high-level integration analyses of epigenetic data to gain novel insights into the biology of several types of cancer, as well as adipogenesis and osteogenesis.


Applicants should have an Ph.D. or equivalent degree in computational biology, bioinformatics or related discipline, with a solid mathematical/computational background and proven track record of methods development for life-science applications. Fluency in one of the standard scripting languages (Python, Perl or alike) as well as experience with R is preferred, but not a must, should the candidate be proficient in any other general domain-specific languages (e.g., C/C++, Java or Matlab). We expect basic knowledge of Unix-like operating systems and respective command line interface (bash scripting) and ability to work in typical HPC environment setups (schedulers, cloud environments etc.). Previous experience with epigenomic data or cancer research applications is an advantage.

Start date

As soon as possible

How to Apply

All potential candidates should apply exclusively through the application form on the DKFZ Job Portal (see the URL for the official job posting). The applications submitted via e-mail will not be considered. More detailed information about the project can be requested from Dr. Pavlo Lutsik. You can find further information about the Division of Epigenomics at