Postdoctoral Associate Critical Assessment of Function Annotation

Iowa State University
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The Friedberg Lab at Iowa State University is seeking a postdoctoral associate for the Critical Assessment of Function Annotation challenge.
The Critical Assessment of Function Annotation or CAFA is an experiment designed to provide large-scale assessment of computational methods that are dedicated to predicting protein function, using a time challenge. The successful candidate will need to write and implement assessment algorithms for the Critical Assessment of Function Annotation (CAFA), as well as assess the methods competing in the 4th CAFA challenge which will take place late 2019-2020. The postdoc will gain experience in working with cutting-edge machine learning software in bioinformatics, produce robust software for the ongoing CAFA work, and will interact with a large and diverse international community of students and researchers participating in CAFA. They will be expected to manage the project both technically and in working with the CAFA community.
More information of CAFA, including publications is available at:


Required Minimum Qualifications:
A PhD in bioinformatics, software engineering, molecular biology or a related science field

Programming experience

Preferred Qualifications:
Python programming
Bioinformatics programming
Experience in using common bioinformatics software and libraries
Machine learning experience
Experience with programming software using OBO ontologies such as the Gene Ontology
Experience with common bioinformatics databases, with an emphasis on EBI databases specifically UniprotKB
Development of robust software, preferably under an open-source model
Server and client-side software development
Experience writing manuscripts and grant proposals
Excellent verbal and written English communication skills
Experience in conference presentations

Start date

As soon as possible

How to Apply

Applicaitons are accepted via the Iowa State University job application site.

Please be prepared to enter or attach the following:

1) Resume/Curriculum Vitae

2) Letter of Application/Cover Letter

2.1) a statement of research and fit for the position and,

2.2) a link to software the candidate has already written, such as a Github repository

3) Contact Information for Three References

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