Washington, DC | Postdoc Position: Genome Engineering and Bioinformatics

Children's National Medical Center


Computational biology postdoc positions are available in the laboratory of Wei Li, at Children’s National Medical Center and The George Washington University at Washington, DC. We are devoted to developing cutting-edge computational methods for biology and medicine, with a focus on understanding how coding and non-coding elements function in cancer and childhood diseases. We will conduct research focusing on the following areas: develop algorithms to analyze large-scale screening and sequencing data; and use the latest machine learning algorithms to study cancer genomics data and identify predictive biomarkers or drug targets.


Responsibilities of the position will include but not limited to: methodology development, coding, statistical analysis of big biomedical data, writing manuscript, application to postdoctoral fellowship and communication with other researchers. Ideal applicants are expected to have:

-PhD degree in Bioinformatics/Genetics/Computer Science/Statistics or other quantitative science;
-Solid programming skills, strong publication record and the ability to work independently;
-Experienced in cancer genomics data analysis and computational methodology development;
-Additional expertise in cancer biology, machine learning, single-cell

How to Apply

Candidates should submit a CV, a cover letter of research background and future research goals, and the contact information of three references letters by email to Wei Li. More information can be found on our website (weililab.org).


Wei Li