Statistical Geneticist Investigator


• Develop and implement approaches to acquire, analyze, interpret and apply human genetic evidence to inform target selection and validation decisions across a range of disease areas.
• Participate in project teams with GSK scientists and external collaborators.
• Find creative solutions and quickly prototype applications to address challenging scientific questions.
• Contribute to the developing science of drug target identification and validation, providing scientific expertise within Human Genetics and across the Research organization.


• Ph.D. or equivalent experience in statistical genetics, genetic epidemiology, statistical bioinformatics, or a related field.
• Proficient in analyses of human genetic and phenotypic data, interpretation of genetic associations, and use of functional annotation to investigate potential causal mechanisms, with publications in peer reviewed journals.
• Proficient in at least one general purpose programming language suitable for statistical genetic analyses, including either R or Python. Familiarity with other statistical genetics tools including Hail is a plus.
• Demonstrated skills in working in teams to find creative ways to address scientific questions.
• Excellent communication

How to Apply



Faith Donaher