Seeking an Indefinite-term Research Scientist (19T19)

RIKEN BioResource Research Center
Integrated Bioresource Information Division
Japan Ibaraki Tsukuba


RIKEN invites applications for an indefinite-term Research Scientist to work at Integrated BioResource Information Division, RIKEN BioResource Research Center.

Outline of research:
It is often expressed that “Without information, No value of bioresource”. The Division integrates all information associated with bioresources developed, collected and preserved by the Center, and transmits and disseminates it to life science research community. There are the following three Programs in the Division: 1) Improvement of webpage contents as a communication tool to deliver resources and information, 2) R&D for integration of bioresource-associated data, international standardization of data, and development of cross-resource search, and 3) R&D for big data analysis and its visualization.

Research topics to be assigned to:
The successful candidate is expected to work mainly on Program 2 and to engage the following R&Ds as one of the world-leading experts of data integration study:

Production, dissemination, standardization and integration of resource-related data (metadata) to facilitate use of bioresources.
Development of data retrieving software to expand the use bioresources in the important research fields crucial to solve social issues (e.g. human health, food production, and others.).
R&D for establishing information infrastructure for basic and applied sciences that use bioresources and their associated information.
Furthermore, the candidate will play a central role of the planning and operation of the Division.

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Doctoral degree (or equivalent research ability and background) in the relevant research field.

Start date

January 15, 2019

Start date

To be determined

How to Apply

See the following website.